The route 715 moves in a ring form, starting and ending in the town of Accettura.

The route allows crossing different habitats: from the river to the cultivated areas to the Mediterranean brush. The cultural, historical and religious elements are interesting too, considering that the path almost retraces the path of the procession of Madonna di Ermoli, occurring in May and September, along a route made of sandstone bricks.


Starting point: Lat. 40.4943 Lon. 16.1554   Journey time: 1 hour
Length: 6,3 Km   Journey modalities: on foot
Difficulty: T (easy)   Slope: max: 33% / med: 13%
Height (a.s.l.): min: 540 mt. / med: 636 mt. / max: 740 mt..   Characteristic: P (Naturalistic landscape)

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Itinerary n. 715 - GIS
Itinerary n. 715

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altimetria 714


The route moves along the north-west part of Accettura, starting from the ancient abattoir. The first part moves down along a stone path for almost 1 km, touching a pinewood.Leaving the wood, you reach typical river surroundings dominated by a hygrophilous vegetation that hosts, among the other, amphibians such as salamanders and newts.

The sound of the water introduces to the river Salandrella that you can see after having passed over an emerging rock. Here, looking down, you can see different animals going to the river to drink.Walk near the river for few meters then cross it through a dirt road that goes to the other bank. Continue for 1.5 km until you reach the rural chapel of Ermoli.

Continue along a white road for 1 km until you reach, on the right, a path that leads down to the Salandrella where you can re-join the previous route to the town.