The CEAS Dolomiti Lucane (Centre for Environmental Education and Sustainability), carries out, in the territory of the Gallipoli Cognato Park Piccole Dolomiti Lucane, an intense activity of creation, promotion and management of educational packages, as well as design and implementation of environmental education laboratories reserved to compulsory schools.
The aim is to provide the students, through careful observation of the surrounding environment, the key to a correct relationship between nature and nature.

We believe that children, through dexterity, direct experience, along with a playful approach to the surrounding environment, can acknowledge ecosystems and biological mechanisms that regulate them, thus consolidating the concepts learned at school.
The CEAS Dolomiti Lucane has elaborated environmental educational itineraries in which children become naturalists, biologists, ornithologists, geologists, herbalists, painters, beekeepers.
Based on decades of experience, today the CEAS offers various educational activities, to teach, entertain, excite.

Flying with bees

volando apiThe laboratory is dedicated to the discovery of the world of bees and the importance they have both in nature and in human life.
Guided by a beekeeper, students will be able to closely observe an apiary and learn about the complex relationships between individuals. >> Programma e informazioni


ruscellandoThe aim of the laboratory is to raise awareness of the physical environment of the river and familiarize with its ecosystem, through observation of the landscape, the detection of physical and morphological parameters, the identification of micro-environments and the definition of water quality. Particular attention affects the analysis of the populations of macroinvertebrates, their role as biological indicators, the methods of species a beehive; the study of the life of these insects will take the boys to the knowledge of the importance that bees have in everyday life. >> Programma e informazioni

Nature day

naturedayIt proposes the study of the woody ecosystem faced in the field by the children, who at different times of the day will observe with the help of a manual the flora and fauna of a portion of forest. The students will be introduced to the topic by a screening conducted by specialists in the field. The aim of the workshop is to introduce students to the ecosystem that surrounds them, through the careful observation of fauna and flora species. >> Programma e informazioni

abitantidelcieloDiscovering the inhabitants of the sky

The educational laboratory is dedicated to the scientific study of birds. Birds are the animals that are most easily observed and listened to; in fact, the purpose of this workshop is to learn to recognize, by sight and by their songs and calls, the various species that live in the environment of interest.
Students will be taught the technique of scientific ringing, the same used by ornithologists all over the world. >> Programma e informazioni



The educational workshop is dedicated to the geological analysis of the Park area, focusing more on the mountain range that dominates and characterizes most of the territory. The characteristics of this area derive not only from the compositional nature of the substratum, but also from the tectonic events that, starting from millions of years ago, affected the middle valley of the Basento River.>> Programma e informazioni

Art and landscape


artepaesaggioThe workshop is focused on the direct observation of the natural landscape and on the reproduction of the same on canvas. The aim is to stimulate creativity and perception of the natural elements characteristic of the Park territory. The landscape is not an elusive scenario, but a space where to look for experiences of life lived, moments of leisure, challenge and adventure, the result of continuous changes over time.
>> Programma e informazioni

The secrets of the officinal garden

segreti orto officinaleThe laboratory is dedicated to the study of the properties of medicinal plants. The children will have at their disposal a garden of officinal herbs, built on a Benedictine terracing of the eleventh century, recently restored with naturalistic engineering techniques, a classroom equipped with a distiller, an art gallery that collects dozens of medicinal herbs, the presence and professionalism of experts in botanists and biologists. >> Programma e informazioni