buoi basileus

Among the traditions of the area, looking at the consolidated relationship between man and nature, it is not to underestimate the folklore linked to the use of towed animals in the manifestations of the agro-silvo-pastoral tradition of the Park.

In particular, the feasts linked to the arboreal cults (or "the Maggi") see the use of pairs of oxen for the towing of the trees used to give life to the secular naturalistic rites.

In the area, several breeders dedicate to the care of these animals to make them available to those who want, in an attempt to recover and pass on an ancient tradition, to use oxen in folk events.

For information about renting oxen (with or without wagon), to be used for folkloristic, cultural and historical events, able to recreate the traditional atmosphere of a time, contact:

Sig. Andrea Pantone
Tel: 0971 983228
mobile: 329 7881269

collage orienteering (1)

Orienteering is a sport of Scandinavian origin, widespread in Europe and all over the world, adapt to all ages, to males and females competing in categories defined by age and gender.

Often whole families practice it in all seasons.

It is a sport taking place in nature, preferably in low mountains and hilly woodlands. However, it can be practiced in urban areas, in historical centres, in city parks, in the plains.

It is one of the sports chosen by CONI as a discipline to be practiced in nature.Considering its undoubted educational value, orienteering is one of the four sports that the Ministry of Education strongly recommends to teach in schools throughout Italy.

rocce boudering 2

In Basilicata, bouldering started in 2003 thanks to the intuition and assiduous work of some Apulian climbers. In fact, thanks to the wandering and exploratory character of the climbers, one of the best bouldering sites in the world is located in the area between the towns of Accettura, Campomaggiore, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, almost all of which are part of the Gallipoli Cognato Park.

It is one of the best sites for not only the countless quantity of boulders present, but also above all for the quality of the rock, a well cemented sandstone that offers excellent adherence to the climbers' hands and a great variety of climbing passages.

A site with similar characteristics in Italy can be found only near Ascoli Piceno and precisely in the village of Meschia, because other sites in the Alps offer a less adhering granite-like rock.