Fruit of historical vicissitudes, culture is the base of social relations, which distinguishes the inhabitants of this territory.

What Carlo Levi called "Civiltà Contadina" (rural civilization) reflects in interpersonal relationships. Especially in relations with the outside world, toward which hospitality is sacred.

Among the populations of the Park, the stranger loses the connotation of a stranger and acquires that of a welcome guest.

An important moment in the social life of these communities occurs during the celebration of the patronal feasts; in these cases, sacred rituals are often associated with rituals considered pagan as arboreal cults linked to the traditions of the May feasts. A relevant aspect of these celebrations (Maggi, Campanacci, Carnivals) is linked to the role exchanges between the various social categories.

In conducting the events, the role of protagonist is not the prerogative of the privileged classes, but it is a role conquered on the field by demonstrating their skills.