Calciano PANORAMICA 669x446

On a promontory dominating the right bank of Basento River, at the border of the two provinces, Matera and Potenza, there is Calciano, small town of Basilicata. From the Basento Valley, it is possible to see the Main church that almost hides the settlement that moves from a hill of 400 meters of altitude. Divided from the valley road by a wide section of olive trees describing bizarre geometries, the town is considered one of the doors of Gallipoli Cognato Park, for its proximity to the naturalistic area.

Travelling along the small section of provincial road that links the Basento valley to Calciano, the gaze meets the ruins of the ancient medieval town "Caucium", represented by a fortification (Castle or Rock), by the Rock Church and by the St. Catherine’s town wall.

The castle fortification of Osco or Ausonic origin, more than Norman, presents along the whole perimeter caves once inhabited and now in reconstruction. On the right side, there is the Rock Church, ascribable to a Norman typology.

On the left side, overhanging the Venicella ravine, the St. Catherine’s town wall presents to us with two small caves excavate in tuff, with two walls painted with the images of the St. Catherine, of Lucifer and of St. Antony the Abbot, probably ruins of rupestrian churches.

Entering the town, you soon understand to have put the chaos and the noise behind us, ready to be welcomed in an uncontaminated place where order, tranquillity and peace realm. Here you can hear birds singing, you can meet people talking under a tree and children chase into the alleys.

Of Calciano one can appreciate the easy viability inviting to long walks, the organisation but also the high number of empty houses, ready to be used as holiday house by those looking for a purifying stay during which enjoy the local food, the folklore and the quiet.